Christmas Craft Videos

Click on the video above to see how to hold your smartphone over the Augmented Reality images that are found within the booklet. The image you need to scan is a Christmas box found on the bottom of every right hand side page. To activate the Augmented Reality scene, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Download our app by searching 12 Revelations of Christmas App
  • Open up the 12 Revelations of Christmas App
  • It will ask you to allow the app to use your camera – click agree.
  • Place your phone over the AR image
  • Tap the gift three times to open the AR activity
  • Once the AR activity has finished use the correct devotion to explore a revelation of Christmas
  • Watch the correct video below for instructions on how to do the craft for the day

Below are 12 videos that complement the 12 Revelations of Christmas booklet. In each video, you will find a step-by-step process to create your craft for the day. We’d love to see a photo of your creations, use #12RevOfChristmas on social media platforms.

We hope this book encourages you to think about these 12 revelations of Christmas and to explore faith in Jesus further. We would encourage you to find a local Church by visiting

Craft Videos

Below are the 12 videos for the 12 craft activities. These offer you step by step guides on how to do your crafts.

Craft 1: Mirror - Chosen

Craft 2: Necklace - Joy

Craft 3: Light Catcher - Faithful

Craft 4: Tambourine - Praise

Craft 5: Journey Stick - Journey

Craft 6: Collage - Generosity

Craft 7: Paper Angel - Miracle

Craft 8: Pop-Up Card - Good News

Craft 9: Telescope - Wonder

Craft 10: Compass - Guidance

Craft 11: Decoration - Honour

Craft 12: Baby Jesus Picture - New Life