Live & Share

Live and Share is an interactive programme made up of 8 sessions that can be delivered monthly directly by one of the Missional Generation team who will seek to equip young people within their local context for lifelong missional living.

Why Live and Share?

Mission and Culture is an important aspect of discipleship that needs resourcing and we want to help you and your young people engage missionally with the world. We have found that there is a growing concern that young people today do not feel confident in sharing their faith and we believe the need has never been greater to equip and raise up a generation who can live boldly for Christ.

Missional teaching being outworked within youth groups will help young people grow in awareness of how to share their faith and help resource the church to better connect with young people.

What is Live and Share?

Live and Share is an interactive programme made up of 8 sessions that can be delivered directly by one of the Missional Generation team. We offer flexibility in how we facilitate this programme and feel confident that we can tailor the delivery to best suit the local context and the young peoples’ expression of faith that you are working with.

Our desire is to see a generation of young people, raised up as leaders in their own right who have cultivated a rhythm of life that influences their world, through word and deed, for the Kingdom of God.

Live and Share aims to help encourage young people to explore the importance of being formed by God, having a belief and relationship in Jesus and learning to live in communion with the Holy Spirit.

What We Teach:

We teach that we are made in the image of God and that His likeness is part of our identity. As we are in His likeness and God does not reject Himself, He cannot reject young people. It is our privilege to communicate 3 foundational truths, outlined in the video above, to help kick start and re-envision young people for missional living.

God Formed Them

Made In His Identity

Jesus Accepted Them

Adoption Into His Family

The Holy Spirit Appoints Them

Sent To Have An Influence

There are too many young people that don’t know or believe that they are formed by God, accepted by Jesus and are not aware of the provision and resources the Holy Spirit offers. This means that, when we encourage them to share their faith and invite people to know Jesus, the idea of being “sent” with the Good News becomes something they fear or shy away from. We believe Live & Share can instead revitalise a generation to confidently live all out for Him.

What we believe Live and Share can offer:

We feel that, if we are able to address the issue of identity in Jesus, adoption through the cross and the image young people have of God, we will see a generation living out the Great Commission and developing missional-shaped lives. Over time this will bring an influence within every arena of life as the Holy Spirit enables them. We believe Live and Share can cultivate the right environment for young people to grow closer to God. It will help them become more confident in their understanding of scripture and lead to them sharing their faith through the mission endeavours that they will be encouraged to shape and organise.

Live and Share Light package:

We can offer a Live and Share Light package which can become part of a residential or youth camp programme.

What youth leaders say:

MG ran a number of talks that drew on scripture and brought the Biblical stories alive and linked them to everyday life situations in a fresh way.”

MG enabled the young people (and leaders) to take large steps forward in their faith, particularly in sharing their faith with others.

“MG helped those with very little Biblical knowledge grasp the importance of the session theme.”


Option 1:

8 Live and share sessions or a tailor-made package

£60 a month for a year

Option 2:

Live and Share light (weekend or youth camp package)

£400 as a one-off payment