An AR Advent Resource

We have created six Augmented Reality games using the iconic gingerbread house. Accompanying this is a devotional activity booklet made by a young person called Michaela.

Each section consists of a digital game, a devotion, a paper activity and an animated video. Together, they tell each part of the nativity story.

Game 1 – play the first eight notes of Hark The Herald Angels Sing. This unlocks a short animated video about Angel Gabriel.

Game 2 – locate six gifts that are randomly placed around the gingerbread house in a set time. This unlocks a short animated video about Mary.

Game 3 – find 9 pieces of wood to build a manger within a set time. This unlocks a short animated video about Joseph.

Game 4 – feed each sheep a bale of hay within a set time using an on screen joy stick controller. This unlocks a short animated video about the shepherds.

Game 5 – follow the star and when you located it tap on it. How many times can you find it within a set time? This unlocks a short animated video about the wise men.

Bonus – watch the short animated video about Jesus with the spoken word taken from Isaiah 9: 6 – 7. This unlocks a bonus activity where you get to throw snowballs at a gingerbread person in a set time.

Once you have explored all of the above games and videos, you can go back and watch the full animation by clicking on the button in the main menu.

This will be a great gift and activity for members of your home as well as an opportunity to interactively reveal and reflect on the birth of Jesus over 2000 years ago. Why not consider who else might enjoy this resource and pass on a pack to bring Christmas to life!

Accompanying Booklet

'Build It Yourself' Gingerbread House

Accompanying this Augmented Reality resource is a ‘build it yourself’ gingerbread house. People of all ages can colour in, cut out and assemble the pieces to build their own gingerbread scene and house.

Each card makes up either the side, roof or front and back of the house. There are also trees, candy canes and marshmallows to colour in. Follow the instructions on each of the cards to know where to cut, where to glue and how to assemble your house.

Animated Videos

How To Use This Resource

This resource is great to use as a family activity at home. It can be adapted to use in both online and offline groups, in schools, churches and as a community outreach activity.

It offers a fun way (using games and video animation) to bring to life the wonderful moments of the nativity and helps children and adults alike explore the key people in the miracles of the birth of Jesus.

Instructions for the Gingerbread Advent AR Smartphone App:

  • Download our app by searching “Gingerbread Advent AR App”.

  • Open up the app and allow the app to use your camera – click agree.

  • Start by selecting biscuit 1 and follow the on-screen instructions to enjoy the AR games and videos.

  • If you need to reset the AR tracking, click on the “Reset view” button in the top right.