Our Unified App for AR Content

Our new Augmented Reality app allows young people and youth leaders to explore a range of experiences. These experiences help the user to explore faith, mission and evangelism and have been designed to be used with children and young people in a range of settings including churches and schools.

Our hope is that this resource will help children and young people discover afresh an understanding of the Christian faith as well as see many Bible stories come alive in front of them.

What's Inside?

The Good Samaritan

This AR activity encourages young people to reflect on the importance of understand who is our neighbour and what it means to show care and consideration towards others.

Found in the digital-take-away-box is an accompanying devotional resource that builds on the experience, allowing the user to reflect on their response to need in the world.

the good samaritan augmented reality experience

Easter Interaction

On The Cross & He Is Risen

This resource is for you to use at Easter time as you bring to life a family friendly scene of the cross and the resurrection in augmented reality. It can be used at home, in schools, and in youth groups. We pray this resource will bless many families and churches as they interactively explore the importance of the cross and resurrection.

Time Travel​

These 9 daily devotions explore the stories of three of our friends, Mark, Lottie, and Sarah as they look back at a moment in their life, sharing what they would say if they could go back in time and talk to their 14-year-old selves, what advice they would have given themselves, and how scripture could have helped them.

Find these and more inside our

Digital Take Away Box

Our Digital Take Away Box allows you to explore a range of the immersive resources that we have created in virtual and augmented reality. They can be used in a range of settings including schools, churches and at home.

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