Face Mask & Devotional Reflection

We want to encourage a generation to take a positive stand and show care and consideration to all people and to intentionally live out ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’. We have designed a face mask as we want to offer young people the chance to wear a mask with a positive message, protecting themselves and others day to day. The accompanying devotion will help young people to consider how they, in wearing the face mask, can show that Christ Jesus is still relevant and that God’s Word teaches us that He will make all things new. 

The devotion linked to the masks is based on Isaiah 43: 16 – 19 and talks about all things being made new. Our hope is that these masks will be a conversation starter for young people as they wear them. That they will share how they have found Jesus brings hope, healing and new life into difficult situations such as anxiety, isolation and uncertainty. We want the masks to be a message of hope in times of uncertainty.

We know that some people will not be able to wear the masks due to health or emotional well-being needs. Prior to producing the masks, we consulted with a range of people including many people who would not be able to wear the masks due to health or emotional well being needs. People felt that these were a great idea as they felt wearing a mask would promote and help the wellbeing of those who cannot.

We want to encourage parents, youth leaders and church members to see this as a positive opportunity to open up conversations about their fears and journey with them to a new place of understanding and care for others as together you reveal a powerful message as you live out your faith in this time of uncertainty.

Our comfortable face mask is suitable for young people and adults. They are washable and resusable. They are soft touch to the skin and compliant with latest UK guidelines. They attach round the ears with an elasticated strap.

Buy one mask for £6. Buy two masks and get them for £5.75 each (£11.50 total cost). Postage is included within the cost.

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