Setting up your MG headsets


Setting up your MG  headsets

Thank you for ordering our MG V2 headsets and looking at investing in the VR and AR youth work resources we have to offer.

There are 3 easy steps to enable you to use this resource:

Step 1 : Setting up your VR headset.

We have created a short video to help you set up your headset. You can view it via this video below.

Step 2 : Choosing the right VR app.

Pick the VR resource you would like to use by visiting our app page (click Here). You will find information on all the VR and AR apps we have created along with the links to each app in your preferred App Store. Each app has an eBook youth leader session plan to help you make full use of the VR resource.

Step 3 : Calibrating your phone.

Each VR headset has it own personalized QR code. This ensures your smartphone is compatible and calibrated. When you open the app up look for this symbol () and then follow the instructions on how to change the viewing methods for your MG VR headset. We have created our own personal QR code below and this needs to be scanned (when your phone is connected to the internet) to calibrate.

If you have any problems we are more than happy to help. Email us on


We have worked hard to kept costs down to help make this resource available. Each VR headset is £5 and can be ordered via our websites shop. When a headset is purchased we suggest you look at the FREE apps we have as well as the ebook sessions which you can purchase via our store that compliments all of the VR and AR resources we have created.