Introducing Aice: Your AI-Powered Ministry Ally

Are you ready to transform your youth and children’s work experience? Meet Aice, your Ai personal assistant designed to revolutionise the challenging aspects of your role.

Aice - Your Ministry Revolution:

Aice is not just an assistant; it’s a revolution in youth and children’s work. Embrace efficiency, innovation, and effectiveness in your ministry with a tool designed to make your life easier. Join the Aice community and deepen your ministry impact!

Streamlining Your Ministry Journey:

Aice is more than just an app; it’s your partner in success. Crafted with precision, our artificial intelligence application is tailored to support and empower youth and children’s practitioners. Say goodbye to lots of administrative tasks, and let Aice with your instructions handle session planning, content creation, and soon, risk assessment

Save Time, Embrace Discipleship:

Our mission is clear—reduce your preparation time, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: prayer and face-to-face discipleship. Instruct Aice to navigate the intricacies of preparation using our intuitive AI assistant tool. Experience the freedom to invest your time where it counts the most—building meaningful connections with the young hearts and lives you serve.

Get Started Today:

Ready to revolutionise your ministry experience? Register up for Aice now and step into a new era of youth and children’s work—where preparation is a is faster, and and prayer discipleship takes centre stage!
Unlock a world of possibilities with Aice-your AI-powered ministry ally!



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