Our VR & AR Vision

Why technology in youth work?

We are forever noticing that we are connecting with a smartphone generation and with the excitement of Snapchat, Twitter and FB live streaming and FB 360 photos becoming more interactive we need to ask the question, how can the church play an active role on these platforms?

Our Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality resources are a powerful means to inform, expose and help young people explore faith, mission and evangelism. We believe that if we can immerse a generation into exploring faith in Jesus using VR or AR, we will create a space that enables young people to understand the importance of the Christian faith and develop a passion to know and share Jesus with the world and places they occupy.  We believe that there is an exciting technological growth within the secular world and we want to resource the church to enable transformation within the lives of young people.

Our vision for Virtual Reality

To position young people into a number of 360o animated bible stories to help them learn the importance of what scripture can teach us. We are also working towards creating 360 videos which offer individuals the chance to enter into many arenas of life where faith, mission and evangelism is being outworked through the power of testimonies and life lessons learnt.

Our VR resources will help bring bible stories alive and will help bring a fresh personal take on the relevance and importance of the story they view. We also capture individuals living out their faith, helping the viewer to see how these individuals reveal Jesus and hear any life lessons people have learnt which will inspire young people to seek Jesus in their faith journey.

The power of testimony and life exposures are key elements to help young people see the authenticity of faith being outworked.

Our vision for Augmented Reality

To bring a digital, interactive experience in to your environment that engages young people to explore a Biblical character, theme or story e.g our David Vs Goliath and Parable Go resource.

Our AR resources bring the Bible to life and allow the user to interact, reflect on what it would be like to be in that setting and think over how they can learn from scripture to develop life lessons.

Being able to help young people see, interact in AR and learn from peoples’ stories in VR can be a very informative learning activity that inspires young people to share and and reveal their belief in Jesus to the world.

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