We Resource

Missional Generation produces high quality and innovative resources that help young people to unpack and explore the importance of the Christian faith and how to live missional-shaped lives.

We produce resources ourselves and also work with a team of writers from a range of backgrounds to create resources. We have both paper-based resources and ebooks available to purchase.

Digital Resources

Missional Generation are passionate about digital innovation and have led the Christian youth-work sector in creating groundbreaking Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality resources that help young people to grow in faith and in confidence to share their faith in Jesus.

A youth group all wearing cardboard VR headsets


Our desire is to help young people explore God’s word and apply it in an everyday context. You’ll find a variety of different booklets which explore the meaning of faith, mission and evangelism.

Click on each devotion to download a sample.

The King Is Coming

This 25 day Advent Devotion Bible study is designed to help young people access scripture every day in the run-up to Christmas. Each day’s reading will take just a few minutes but will give you something to think about throughout the rest of your day. It touches on themes about Christmas, the person of Jesus and the greatest gift we have received.

Time Travel

These 9 daily devotions explore the stories of three of our friends, Mark, Lottie, and Sarah as they look back at a moment in their life, sharing what they would say if they could go back in time and talk to their 14-year-old selves, what advice they would have given themselves, and how scripture could have helped them.

As of 2020, the devotion has been brought to life digitally using augmented reality features.

Using the AR features of the time travel devotion

Face Masks

We have designed a face mask to remind ourselves that Christ makes all things new. Included with the mask is a devotional reflection to help them consider how they, in wearing the face mask, can show that Christ Jesus is still relevant.

What young people say:

“When using digital resources to interact with the Bible I suddenly realised that God believes in me. I need to grab the opportunity”.

“I am so inspired to help get God’s Word out in to the world”.

What youth leaders say:

“Missional Generation speaks very well to our teenagers and tackles subjects linked to the Church community in a thought provoking and relevant way. They take a different approach and the teenagers listen attentively”