David VS Goliath AR

A Biblical AR Experience

David Vs Goliath is an Augmented Reality app that brings the Bible to life as you fight Goliath by collecting stones and flicking them to defeat Goliath.

This Augmented Reality app allows you to walk through a portal in the digital realm as you come face to face with Goliath. You need to find 5 stones on the floor by following the instructions on the screen. Once you have collected the stones you then angle your phone (thinking wind, speed and distance) and flick using your finger moving it in a fast motion. Make sure you are holding tight to your phone as you flick a stone at Goliath’s head. Once Goliath is hit on the body you will see his health decrease. If you hit his head it is a direct hit and Goliath will fall to the ground and you will have victory.

If you run out of stones and do not kill him, you can start the challenge again. Rotate the phone round until you find the portal again and walk through the portal door to restart the game.

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