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Missional Generation aims to bring together young people from across different backgrounds, denominations and locations. Young people gather from across Leeds and Bradford at the Mission United Faith In Life (MUFIL) gatherings. MG is the lead organisation for MUFIL. We bring together youth and schools workers from across a wide range of churches and charities to plan and deliver gatherings that enable young people to connect with others, to have opportunities to step out and put faith into action, to have teaching sessions that unpack Scripture and help them to see the importance of Jesus in their life and to worship together.

We love to see the excitement Mission United Faith In Life creates as young people’s faith grows and their hearts are ignited to take action in their local settings, living missional lives that share Jesus’ love and sacrifice with the world around them.

What is Mission United Faith In Life?

We regularly gather to help young people see the importance of knowing who Jesus is. We unite together in times of worship, mission activities and teaching times to explore their identity in Christ and God’s plans for them. We have lots of fun in the times we meet. Since our gatherings began in 2012, we have seen over 1000 young people take part and we are excited to see what God has in store in the future and we believe these young people are now impacting society.

This is facilitated by a group of youth leaders from across Leeds and Bradford. 

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Images from Hope Revolution (which later became MUFIL)

Who are MUFIL gatherings open to?

If you work with secondary age young people (regardless of where they are in their faith journey), you are invited to bring them along to any of the MUFIL gatherings. Our gatherings will offer your group the chance to meet young people from across Leeds and Bradford, explore faith, be encouraged to live for Jesus and take part in mission activities as well as have lots of laughs along the way!

Why do we arrange MUFIL gatherings?

Youth leaders we are in partnership with are passionate about working together to create opportunities to inspire and equip young people both within their everyday life and beyond the local church. They are committed to becoming part of a united movement which looks to help young people explore and rely on Jesus, learn a biblical understanding of missional living and encounter Jesus through worship and social action.

Images from Hope Revolution (which later became MUFIL)

Our Rhythms of Gathering

MUFIL gathers at least three times a year. Our core ingredients are encouraging unity, faith exploration and missional lifestyle. Each time we meet, the gathering may look different but these core ingredients remain the same.

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What young people say:

“God told me to accept that the desires of my heart are from Him and hold them up to Him at all times instead of ignoring them or trying to fulfil them myself, and to not act out of fear of his promises not coming true.”

“The Mission United Faith In Life residential gave me space to experience and recognise the Holy Spirit.”

What youth leaders say:

“It is great to see young people excited about their faith and their future as they grow in confidence to engage with God and their community.”

“The weekend gives young people and leaders alike the chance to put their faith in to action. It is great to see people make new friendships and connecting with others from across the two cities.”

“A place where young people step out in faith and grow in confidence.”

Pictures of young people at a MUFIl event - worshipping etc