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We are forever noticing that we are connecting with a smartphone generation and with the excitement of Snapchat, Twitter and FB live streaming and FB 360 photos becoming more interactive we need to ask the question, how can the church play an active role within these platforms?

Virtual reality is becoming a powerful means to inform, expose and help a generation develop. Over time, it is becoming a platform that is transforming learning and understanding. The visual, experiential learning and kinesthetic learning methods are all captured within a VR video and this enables people to fully grasp items of information such as faith application quicker and in a more tangible way.

We believe that if we can immerse a generation into an environment where they can get a 360º perspective on faith, mission and evangelism we will see an awakening amongst a generation who will come to know and share Jesus with the world and places they occupy.

We also believe we have an exciting development and transformational visual movement coming towards a generation in our care.

Missional Generation feels that if we can position young people within places and spaces where faith, mission and evangelism is being outworked an awakening of faith application can be grasped.

The power of testimony and life exposures are key elements to help young people see the authenticity of faith being outworked. Helping young people to see the power of faith and outworking of faith within the places and spaces they occupy or hope to occupy in 360 VR will give the individual a strong foundation of living as they see Jesus out worked from other peoples’ lives.

Being able to help young people see, interact and learn from people and environments where faith is outworked can be a very informative learning activity.


Order VR headsets:

When a headset is purchased directly from MG, MG will send you ebook sessions that will compliment the VR videos as and when the videos are pushed in to the app.



We’d like to offer the chance for people to help explore this method of teaching young people and ask anyone interested in finding out more to contact us via the form below.