Missional Generation loves using innovation to create digital resources that help children, young people and families to explore faith. It has been a joy to work with the Church of England, New Wine, the Church of Ireland and others to create resources that have helped many to explore having a relationship with Jesus, prayer and the importance of Church.

We have a specialist team within the charity, whose passion is to develop exciting and fresh digital resources. We’d love you to enjoy reading about some recent projects and creations that are available to you and your setting. Do reach out to us to find out more about how we could work with you to use or create digital innovation as a way of helping children and young people explore faith, mission and evangelism.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is where you enter into either a filmed environment or a digital environment which you can explore and interact with. This is done using a VR headset – made using either a compatible smartphone or other dedicated hardware.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is where you bring something into your reality using a smartphone or tablet. It allows you to interact with objects, environments or watch characters interact on the table or in life- size around you. AR has the power to inform in a deeper way than conversation and just reading texts.


“I love how Missional Generation’s resources help us to digitally engage with young people, taking them straight into the stories of the Bible through VR and AR. They are great tools for stimulating discussion with young people and can easily be used in a range of contexts from small groups, to prayer spaces, to the wider youth group.”

– Hannah O’Neill, Church Worker in Ireland

Explore Our Experiences

Keep reading to check out some of our apps and resources that use VR and AR. We’ve heard great stories of how children and young people have had lots of fun exploring a Christian theme in youth groups, Sunday School, Messy Church, detached youth work and in school sessions. We’re always happy to chat through how these might work in your setting, reach out to us to find out more.


This app is a young person friendly virtual reality immersed experience looking at a gospel account of Jesus Christ being raised from the dead. Suitable for anyone over the age of 11. We advise that young people are supervised by an adult whilst taking part in this activity.

Easter Interaction

On The Cross & He Is Risen

This resource is for you to use at Easter time as you bring to life a family friendly scene of the cross and the resurrection in augmented reality. It can be used at home, in schools, and in youth groups. We pray this resource will bless many families and churches as they interactively explore the importance of the cross and resurrection.


We have created an exciting, new Augmented Reality app that allows young people and youth leaders to explore the resources we have created. This app helps individuals explore Faith, Mission and Evangelism. It has been designed to be used with children and young people in a range of settings including churches and schools.

12 Revelations of Christmas AR

This is an augmented reality digital Christmas resource. It has been designed to be used with children and young people in a range of settings including churches, schools, in detached work and as a personal devotion in the run up to Christmas. It is a great way to see afresh the awe and wonder that is revealed through 12 revelations found within the Biblical history of Jesus’ birth.

Gingerbread Advent AR

Using the iconic gingerbread house, we have created six Augmented Reality games. Each game is linked to an activity which relates to a symbol of the nativity story.

David VS Goliath AR

This augmented reality game allows you to become David as you enter through a portal directly into the battle Israel was facing with the Philistines. You get to walk around and see if you can defeat Goliath.

Find these and more inside our

Digital Take Away Box

Our Digital Take Away Box is a great starting point when you are thinking through how digital innovation might work in your setting. It includes a range of our VR and AR resources and is great whether you work in school, at a Church or if you want to explore faith with your family at home.

Experiences Made With Our Partners

We have had the privilege of working with national organisations to create and develop new digital resources. We’ve shared about some of these projects below.

Thy Kingdom Come AR

Help children and young people become part of a global movement of prayer by interacting with eleven themes of prayer that are linked to eleven Cheeky Pandas videos. The Cheeky Panda series was designed to help explore the theme that enabled children to hear relevant teaching that led to a Cheeky Panda worship song.

New Wine

Explore the story of Moses using AR and the Little Family teaching series across six immersive experiences. You can interact with the story of the burning bush, build the tabernacle and help find the Ten Commandments in a fresh and playful way.

VR Ireland Church Tour

Not many schools have the budget or time to visit different places of Christian worship and this resource enables young people to step inside a Church and understand traditional worship. Within the VR tour you will explore parts of the Church that the church of Ireland sees as important to the spiritual journey.


We have worked hard to kept costs down to help make this resource affordable for all. Each VR headset is £5 and can be ordered via our website shop. When a headset is purchased we suggest you look at the FREE apps we have as well as the ebook sessions which you can purchase via our store that compliment the VR videos.

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Using the VR headsets

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Leader Training

VR & AR pop-up gatherings

We’d like to offer the chance for people to help explore this method of teaching young people and ask anyone interested in opening up the conversation about youth work and technology to consider hosting a pop-up VR and AR gathering. Click the button bellow to find out more or contact us via the form below.