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This app is a young person friendly virtual reality immersed experience looking at a gospel account of Jesus Christ being raised from the dead. Suitable for anyone over the age of 11. We advise that young people are supervised by an adult whilst taking part in this activity

Within this resource, there are two Augmented Reality experiences – one called ‘At the cross’ and the other called ‘He is risen’. These are both accompanied by a devotion and activity card that helps you to reflect and to take part in fun activities as you explore this exciting moment in history and the new life it offers each of us.

This Virtual Reality resource uses typography and spoken word to immerse people into an experience that helps to show the power of the Lord’s Prayer. We have used this resource with youth groups and it has been really exciting to see young people exploring why prayer is so important and how it has the power to change lives.

This resource is available to download for free and is also part of our Digital Take Away Box. It is a perfect resource to use in schools and during the  global movement of Thy Kingdom Come.

If you do not have a VR headset then please consider ordering one from our shop, either on its own or as part of our Digital Take Away Box.

What's Inside?

The Lord's Prayer​

Offers a unique way for young people to reflect on the words of the Lord’s prayer and its power. This activity of experiencing the prayer in an immersive way helps young people to stop, reflect and move into action in different ways.

The Resurrection

This experience gives young people the chance to see the process of the ressurection taking place and seeing Christ as the light of the world. The resource that accompanies this is an ebook session that allows individuals to reflect on the importance of forgiveness and the Christian understanding of why Jesus died and rose again.

Find these and more inside our

Digital Take Away Box

Our Digital Take Away Box allows you to explore a range of the immersive resources that we have created in virtual and augmented reality. They can be used in a range of settings including schools, churches and at home.

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