Exalt is an all year round app, helping develop a healthy rhythm of prayer for young people.​​

Inside the digital Exalt box

Exalt is designed to help 11-18 year olds, their peers and their youth group leaders to agree to explore a weekly devotion together. It is designed to help those seeking faith as well as those that have an active rhythm of faith. The app offers once a week devotions which encourage prayer.

The aim of the app is to make a creative and interactive way to help young people to pray as they explore six rotating themes over a year. During the year, young people will listen to reflections which are built upon Freedom, Justice, Forgiveness, Giving, Rejoicing and Mission.
The hope is that as a generation listens to people reflect on Scripture and hear honest and open testimony, we will see a generation growing in their knowledge and understanding of these six rotating themes.

We have also created within the app the ability to call a generation into prayer by responding to the challenges we see which a generation can sometimes feel overwhelmed by and not sure what to do e.g the challenges in the world.

The Digital Prayer Box is a creative way of using virtual reality and augmented reality to help develop rhythms of prayer using a smartphone, helping leaders to help the digital generation engage in prayer. The following items are inside this box:
  • Information about what the exalt app is and how to use it with your young people.
  • Google cardboard v2 VR headset for you to use in combination with your smart phone. All you have to do is download the MGVR app and you will be able to watch Jesus’ resurrection and the Lord’s prayer come to life and be fully immersed in the story.
  • There is also a church tour, helping young people to understand the different formations of what takes place in church, around traditions of prayer.
  • There are a set of booklets that linked to the VR experiences with sessions you can run with your young people.
  • Teaching resource written by CIYD about praying for young people.
  • Prayer Journal enabling young people to write down inspiring regular rhythms of recording what God is saying to them, prophecies, words of knowledge, vision for themselves, but also for their friends.
  • Prayer Prompt Cards that gets young people to think about how to pray. You can use these by having the photos face up on the floor and asking your young people which photo resonates the most with them. You can then turn the card over where you read the prayer prompt and start a conversation on that topic leading into prayer.

How to Download the Exalt app

Head over to the Apple store or Android’s play store and search “Exalt app” to download it to your smart device. 

We want to make it possible for all that have access to the Exalt Prayer box to be able to print free of charge any of the small group sessions. Click on the books below to download them and print as many as you like.

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