Mission United Faith In Life

Our Digital Gathering

We are excited to announce that bookings are now open for the next Mission United Faith In Life Online gathering! We have a live streamed gathering planned for Friday 13th November from 7pm until 9pm.

Whilst we can’t meet face to face, we want to live stream Mission United Faith In Life in to your homes and youth groups. The team are planning to bring you lots of fun, interaction, worship and teaching.

Our theme for this gathering is truth and we will reflect on the truth of who God is and how He brings hope to us and to other’s. We are offering two teaching streams both will be looking at the sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5: 13 – 16. One stream will be aimed at those who are starting to explore who Jesus is and what it means to have faith in Him, whilst the other stream will be for those who are ready to go a bit deeper in their faith and this stream encourage us to be bold in sharing the hope we have in God with our friends and peers.

There will be the option to join us ‘at home’ where young people and you (their leaders) join us through individual screens from home. Alternatively, for those of you who have Covid Secure Youth Groups already gathering regularly, you have the option to join us at a MUFIL Meet Up. This is where you and your young people gather safely (following all necessary guidance) and connect in to the live stream together. Please contact us if doing the meet up option so we can chat through helpful points to get set up for the live stream.

Please note: All leaders within your team must have a DBS certificate that has been viewed by the Church or organisation they represent. They must also have provided two good references to their Church or organisation. By booking a ticket for them, you are confirming that to your best knowledge they are suitable to be involved in youth work.

There will a video sent out for all leaders to watch prior to the evening. This will be a short way of explaining what will take place and best practice requirements for all leaders to adhere to on the evening.

We do hope you and your group can join us! It is £5 per person and the first 50 young people to book on will receive an event beanie with an accompanying devotion.

Click our solid rock event link to book your tickets and find out more here.

The first 50 bookings will get a free beanie

There are 5 planned zoom activities for MUFIL:

  • Come bake with us
  • Minecraft
  • Strictly Come Dancing
  • Among Us
  • Lost In Translation

These will happen at the same time for 40 minutes. When you join the main zoom room, we will post the links to these rooms so young people can transition to their rooms with ease and speed. These rooms will be led by youth leaders from across the cities of Leeds and Bradford.

Throwback to last time:

What is Mission United Faith In Life?

We are a group of youth leaders from across Leeds and Bradford who gather young people three times a year (two residentials and one evening). Our vision is to help young people see the importance of knowing who Jesus is, unite together in times of worship, mission activities and teaching times to explore their identity in Christ and God’s plans for them. We have lot and lots of fun in the times we meet. Click the video to hear more.

Since our gatherings began in 2012 we have seen over 800 young people take part and we are excited to see what God has in store in the future. We meet three times a year in February, July and October.

Who are MUFIL Gathering open to?

If you work with secondary age young people (regardless of where they are in their faith journey), you are invited to bring them along to any of the MUFIL gatherings. Our gatherings will offer your group the chance to meet young people from across Leeds and Bradford, explore faith, be encouraged to live for Jesus and take part in mission activities as well as have lots of laughs along the way!

Young People’s Comments from one of our recent gatherings – Young people’s feedback

Why do we Arrange MUFIL Gatherings?​

Youth leaders we are in partnership with are passionate about working together to create opportunities to inspire and equip young people both within their everyday life and beyond the local church. They are committed to becoming part of a united movement which looks to help young people explore and rely on Jesus, learn a biblical understanding of missional living and encounter Jesus through worship and social action.