Resurrection and Easter Art Resources

An aspiring artist called Isaac has worked together with Missional Generation to create a set of 10 artistic impressions of the story of Easter. Alongside each piece of art, we have put together a bible devotion to help people of all ages to spend time reflecting on Easter, looking at the Bible and considering Jesus’ sacrifice afresh.

Within this booklet you will have the chance to journey through the story of Easter, looking at the man of Jesus and what he went through to enable any believer to find wholeness, forgiveness and freedom. We believe that these bespoke images will help draw the reader closer Jesus and help them to realise the magnitude of what He did for us all. In time, we pray these devotions will draw people into a deeper relationship with God and bring others to faith.

In total there are 10 visual and written reflections on the following themes:

1 Jesus enters Jerusalem
2 Jesus at the temple
3 The last supper
4 Jesus is betrayed
5 Jesus before Pilate
6 Jesus carries his cross
7 Jesus and nails
8 Jesus dies
9 Jesus in the tomb
10 Jesus is raised from the dead

Youth group options:

These are available in printed booklets so that you can use them in sessions with young people.  They would be great for small groups, personal time with God, youth groups and could also be used in peer cell groups in a school setting.

School options:

We can supply the resources on power point for a cost of £30 (no delivery charge as these will be available to download after purchasing). Schools may wish to order a powerpoint for their collective worship/ morning reflection time alongside a package of paper copies so that each form tutor has a copy to refer to.

Visit our shop to order:

A little bit about the illustrator:

Isaac has always had a passion and interest in art and studied graphic design at college after completing secondary school. His hope is to help create graphically designed images that help serve peoples’ messages and stories. He would also like to help companies and charities communicate and bring to life items they want created both digitally and on paper.